5 Pizzeria Equipment Essentials you Absolutely Need

An important factor to keep in mind when creating your ideal pizzeria is making sure you have the right equipment and kitchen set up. It’s like anything in life – having the proper tools will ultimately lead you to success, and luckily, we’re here to guide you on the road to creating a successful pizzeria!


Of course, refrigeration comes in a variety of sizes and there are endless amounts to choose from. When storing extra ingredients and pizza dough balls, we recommend purchasing a stainless-steel refrigerator. They are easy to clean, long lasting and give you an endless amount of food storage.

Stainless steel refrigerators are meant to store fresh produce as well as packaged foods, so you’ll never have to stress about food freshness or deteriorating food quality.

TIP: organize the inside of your refrigerator by shelf (i.e. one shelf = premade pizza dough, second shelf= meat ingredients, third shelf = vegetables) in order to minimize wasted time and maximize productivity and essentially pizza sales.

Pizza Plates / Pizza Screens

            In order to be sure that your pizza dough won’t stick to the pan, you must incorporate pizza screens and pizza plates in your kitchen accessory inventory (and get a few!). The different between the two comes down to the crusts they create and ideally what is best for your style of pizzas. Thorinox’ pizza plates are ideal for doughy and soft crust pizzas, since there are no holes on its surface, therefor taking more time to evenly cook your pizzas. If you prefer a thick decadent crust, then our plates are perfect for your pizzeria! Thorinox’ pizza screens have holes on its surface, giving your pizza room to breathe when cooking, which will help prevent soggy crust which is great for pizzerias who specialize in par-baked or frozen pizza creations! Both come in a multitude of sizes Make cooking and transferring your pizzas from counter to grill or oven even easier for your business!

Pizza Prep Table

A pizza prep table is an essential piece of equipment when creating a variety of pizza creations. Our pizza prep tables have 4 sturdy casters with two locking casters in order to easily position and station in your kitchen. They come in 3 different sizes and all combine food storage as well as a large 14” wide prep space in one unit for an efficient pizza process. Equipped with standard bottom refrigeration to store extra ingredients and includes clear plastic pans making it easy for your pizza chef to produce a multitude of pizza creations in a timely manner. In order to choose the right size for you, take into consideration the size of your kitchen or back store as well as the volume of pizzas you produce.

Pizza Conveyor Oven

After your pizza is assembled and placed on either a pizza plate or screen, while ultimately using our prep table, it’s time for it to enter the oven! We love the “WOW” pizza conveyor ovens by Middleby Marshall since they minimize wasted time and are perfect for a quick serving and gran ‘n’ go pizzerias! The pizzas are set on the conveyor belt and are transported through the oven to assure even, high volume cooking. Does your pizzeria also serve sandwiches and sides such as fries? If you answered yes, then perfect! Since the “WOW” oven series can also cook other food products while cooking your pizza!


You may not think of griddles as being an essential unit for your pizzeria, however it is something that can add tremendous value to your pizzeria. We recommend using the RMG/RTG griddles from Royal Range to keep tubs of sauce warm as well as semi grilling chicken, sausages and other poultry toppings before fully cooking them in the oven. It is also a great unit to grill other products on your menu such as sandwiches, due to its deep cooking surface as well as being compact and easy to position on countertop surfaces. When purchasing a griddle your two choices are as follows: gas or electric.  If your pizzeria has a high volume of orders and you are constantly tight on time, the gas griddle is your best option.  Although, electric griddles heat up more slowly, they will allow you to be more precise with your temperature range and is a perfect option for a smaller sized pizzeria with less traffic.

These suggested units will yes, make your pizzeria look pristine, but it will essentially allow for a seamless pizza making experience. During Covid-19 pizza delivery and take out sales have skyrocketed, which makes sense since it is the absolute best treat for those cheat days. Make sure your pizzeria is equipped with delivery pizza boxes that are sturdy and will keep your pizza intact until it reaches your customer.

Let us know what’s missing in your pizzeria!

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