5 Ways to Create the Ideal Back Bar 

A back bar serves multiple purposes in an establishment! It’s not only the place where servers create and serve cocktails, it’s also the spot for countless conversations and experiences shared between customers. With that in mind, check out our 5 tips for creating the best back bar for your staff and patrons!

1. Shelving Organization:

Organizing your back bar alcohol is key, not only for your bar servers, but your customers as well.

Typically, your highest quality (and most expensive) liquor should be stored on the top shelf of your bar area. Middle shelves should house premium liquors, while bottom-most shelves should be saved for your well-liquors. Well-liquors are usually lower quality and more affordable, making them a popular choice with most bar-goers and should be kept within easy reaching distance for your servers.

2. Create a Good Vibe:

With new COVID-19 safety measures in place across Canada, the number of customers allowed inside bars and restaurants has significantly decreased. While these measures keep the population safe (yay!), it’s become more difficult to achieve a lively and quaint atmosphere for patrons.

So how can you create a good vibe in your back bar? Mirrors!

Large or full-length wall mirrors give the appearance of a larger space with more people milling about, enjoying cocktails.

Bonus tip: lower the lighting in your bar area to create a warm and inviting feeling that your customers are sure to enjoy!

3. Cleanliness:

Cleanliness has always been essential to any successful back bar operation. However, the current pandemic requires owners and servers to go above and beyond to create a safe and sanitary space for everyone.

Your back bar area and equipment should be frequently cleaned with a food-grade sanitizer. Once sanitized, we recommend following up with the powder cleanser from Bar Keepers Friend. This cleanser removes tough stains while adding shine to stainless steel equipment, counter tops and glassware. A spotless back bar establishes confidence with your customers and ensures that they’ll feel comfortable returning.

4. Eye-catching Centerpiece:

Consider adding an eye-catching centerpiece to your back bar. Neon signs are an easy way to add a fun and energized feeling to the space. They’re also customizable! Have your logo turned into a neon bar sign or consider a sign with a catchy phrase!

A catchy centerpiece is also a great way to create a fun atmosphere for your customers!

5. Bar Refrigeration:

Lastly, your back bar should be outfitted with reliable refrigeration equipment. Our suggestion: New Air’s triple glass door back bar. The 90” counter top allows servers to remain comfortably spaced apart throughout bar service, while three glass doors enable them to easily find what they’re searching for and quickly serve your customers. The best part? This unit is also available with solid doors, making it perfect in case you need a refrigeration unit that’s customer-facing.

And if your establishment serves a high volume of beer, consider the 69” beer dispenser. This dispenser features two tap towers and four couplers, and can hold a total of three ½ kegs making it perfect for bar service!

Did you try one of our 5 tips for building a successful back bar? Let us know!

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