How to Choose the Right Prep Table for your Business

Are you considering investing in a prep table for your business? It can be a daunting task when you begin your search due to its variety. Prep tables range from generic to industry specific, small to large, can include drawers and doors, and more!

We’ve got you covered with this quick guide on the top 4 things to consider when purchasing a prep table.

  1. Salad/Sandwich vs. Pizza vs. Mega Top

You may be confused by the variety of prep tables on the market. Don’t be fooled, many are pretty similar, with only a few key differences depending on the industry they’re designed for.

Pizza Prep Tables:

Pizza prep tables typically come with a wider prepping surface, ideal for making a variety of pizza sizes. They also tend to feature 1/3 pans which are bigger so you can access large amounts of each ingredient – like cheese, pepperoni, and vegetables quickly. The team at New Air loves making fun and alternative pizzas, especially with different crust options! You should definitely check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more fun posts!

Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables:

Sandwich and salad prep tables often have smaller cutting boards (prepping space), ideal for making sandwiches and subs. They also feature smaller 1/6 pans; however, these tables tend to hold more pans, making it ideal to quickly whip up your creations!

Mega Top Prep Tables

Mega top tables have an even smaller prepping surface than the sandwich/salad tables. The trade off? Extra pans! These tables have an additional row of pans (anywhere between 4-10 extra pans), which is perfect for anyone who needs an extensive amount of ingredients at their fingertips.

  1. Size

Prep tables often come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the best size for your industry and kitchen layout.

If you work in a high-volume industry, making a lot of sandwiches, salads or pizza, and have the space, a larger prep table would be the best solution. With a larger table, you will benefit from even more prepping space and extra plastic pans, as well as added storage in the refrigerator below.

On the other hand, a smaller prep table offers less storage and prepping space but can more easily fit in tight spaces. A compact unit is perfect for a business with lower volumes of production.

  1.  Ventilation Space

Air intake is often an overlooked aspect of the prep table buying process. The whole purpose of the ventilation space is to help the prep table breath by allowing air to reach the compressor.

So how do you choose the correct unit for your business? It all boils down to the space you’ll be placing the unit in.

If you’re looking to put your prep table against a wall, tightly squeezed between other equipment, consider a prep table which has front air ventilation. However, if your location is a little roomier and the unit has space around it to breath, back air ventilation is a great option (make sure the unit still has protective bumpers in the back!). Back ventilation tends to be quieter in comparison to front ventilation and offers a more aesthetically pleasing look.

  1. Bottom Refrigerator –Drawers vs. Doors

Lastly, you’ll need to consider the bottom refrigerator and whether you want doors or drawers.


Prep tables with doors are very similar to reach-in refrigerators. They usually have adjustable shelving and a good capacity for storing a variety of foods and pans. Doors also tend to have an automatic closing feature which comes in handy in busy kitchens where hands might be too full to close doors.


Prep tables with drawers typically come with less refrigeration capacity space but are designed to conveniently hold pans filled with prepared ingredients, making it easy to change out with empty pans from the top prepping area.

So which unit is the best? It ultimately comes down to your usage, as well as your space. One of our favourite prep tables is the 60” sandwich/salad mega top. It’s extra row of pan storage allows you to stock ample amounts of ingredients, while its two lids keep your produce fresh and cool.

Which prep table is ideal for your business?